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iPad 2 Repair

ipad 2 repairsiPad 2 Repair Services

Telasco Mobile Repair is located in the Sydney CBD Local phone repair shop next to Town Hall Station at 303 Pitt Street, Pittsway Arcade.

iPad Repair

Have you damaged your iPad 2  and need a company that you can trust with your precious device? We are able to quickly and swiftly repair your iPad – In most cases, we can do this on the spot, with only a short wait. Our expert technicians are trained in all aspects of iPad repair and can assist you with any of the following and more. Telasco Mobile Repair also offers a 12-month warranty on iPad Repairs.

iPad Hardware Faults

Most repairs involving and iPad require the screen to be removed. This means the screen will pull away from the frame and a new one will have to be fixed. It is important for us to run tests before repairing your iPad. Telasco mobile repair is well equipped to fix these issues.

iPad home button not working? Does not turn on?

If your devices button has stopped responding, don’t worry – we can replace this. Once the button is replaced the clicking feature will resume to normal.

iPad Has No Power? 

If your iPad has no power and is completely dead, this can be caused by a number of issues. If there are no signs of damage we recommend data recovery options or it could be something a simple a dirt build-up in the charger connector. Telasco Mobile Repair can fix this for you!

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